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Our Story

It began innocently enough for Rob and Cyndi Arno. Making peppermint bark started out as a tradition of making homemade gifts to give to family and friends. Soon requests started flooding in to make it for others to give as homemade gifts. It was then that Rob began encouraging the idea of marketing Arno Chocolates.

A local fundraiser, "Death by Chocolate", was where it would start. It's an event put on by the Rotary Club and 25 local chefs. Chocolate is galore! Over a thousand Arno Chocolate Samples where ready for attendees to taste. The response was overwhelming!  We went home with two awards that night, the most exciting one was 2nd place with the peoples choice.

Soon orders started coming in. It was official... we were in business!

The first year was very exciting, new flavors were added and lots of lessons were learned. The art of tempering chocolate was the biggest and one of the most important. The response from everyone who tasted our bark is what truly inspired this journey.

We have searched and found only premium quality ingredients, all of which are made in the USA and truly the best we could find. We use only Guittard Chocolate, which is the oldest family owned and operated chocolate company in the US.

Our bark is hand-made in small batches, with the same love and attention to detail as it was when it was being made for family and friends.  Each batch is made and shipped from our commercial kitchen located in Nampa, Idaho.

Please help support our small family owned business by indulging yourself in our delicious bark.  Your taste buds will thank you!  And so will our family and the charities we support!


Below is an article Arno Chocolates was showcased in:

Find the full pdf at:  https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1189/1874/files/Allrecipes_Living_the_Dream_Arno.pdf?15618678238947199234