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About us

It began innocently enough. Making peppermint bark started out as a tradition of home-made gifts to give to family and friends. It was when I began receiving requests to make it for others to give as home-made gifts, that my husband began encouraging me to market my bark.

We then learned of a fund-raiser in a nearby town called "Death by Chocolate" where we brought over a thousand samples for attendees to taste. It's put on by the Rotary Club and 25 local chefs, with different categories and chocolate galore. We went home with two awards that night, the most exciting one was 2nd place with the peoples choice.

It was official, we were in business...

Peppermint bark was traditionally a holiday treat and I was thinking that we needed more flavors to carry our sales beyond the holidays.

Our first year was very exciting, new flavors were added and lots of lessons were learned. The art of tempering chocolate was the biggest and one of the most important. But the response from everyone who tasted our bark is what has truly inspired us.

We have searched and found premium quality ingredients, all of which are made in the USA and truly the best we could find. We use only Guittard Chocolate which is the oldest family owned and operated chocolate company in the US.

Our bark is hand-made in small batches, with the same love and attention to detail as it was when it was being made for family and friends.  Each batch is made and shipped from our commercial kitchen, located at 3710 E Newby St, Nampa, Idaho.

Our Peppermint Bark makes the perfect Gift for your holiday giving. Our 8 oz mini tote and one pound box are beautifully packaged to make the perfect Holiday Gift! We will happily put together a Holiday Gift basket with your choice of flavors.  We make Holiday gift giving simple, we'll even include a hand written gift card from you and if your shipment is $50 or more, we'll pay for your ground shipping.  It's delicious, it supports small business, it's made in America, it simplifies your holiday gift giving and it makes your loved ones happy, how much better can it get?